"Spirit of the Day 28x36" by Monika Meunier - 🔥Oil on Canvas
Spirit of the Day 28x36 Original Painting by Monika Meunier
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Spirit of the Day 28x36 Original Painting by Monika Meunier - 0
Spirit of the Day 28x36 Original Painting by Monika Meunier - 1

Spirit of the Day 28x36

Monika Meunier

Original Painting : Oil on Canvas
Size : 28.74x36.22 in  |  73x92 cm

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Hand SignedNear the Lower Left Corner 

Condition Excellent 

Not Framed 

Purchased fromArtist 2018 

Certificate of AuthenticityArt Brokerage 


Monika Meunier - France

Art Brokerage: Monika Meunier French Artist: b. 1947. Monika Meunier, was born in 1947 on the Mediterranean Coast. In 1963 she studied at the Nice School of Art, then emigrated to the United States. She became an active member of the European Academy of Arts Graphiques, Plastiques and Photographiques, and as a multitalented artist she practices different techniques. She found her own way to offer us her masterly interpretation in a style that is brilliantly refreshing. Monika creates dramatic contemporary and typical scenes of the Mediterranean Region, the sea, flowers and Provence. Landscapes are the main subjects of her work, she knows how to capture the bright light and vibrant colors. Her unique technique of huge satiny layers covers the canvas,and capture the generous pigments of reds, yellows and blues. Glimpses are left under the trace of the pallette knife. Paintings wanted by Art Brokerage.

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