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    Art Brokerage: Regina Saura Spanish Artist. b.1904. From her home in Spain's Catalonia, Regina Saura takes the humble objects of daily life and grants them heroic status. Animated with a magical whimsy these tableaus reflect the joy and wonder she finds in her surroundings. Naive in appearance, Regina's imagery employs a highly sophisticated knowledge of spatial relationships, color, line, shape, and form and is completely at home with her Catalan predecessors Miro and Picasso as well as that of other modern masters of the likes of Tapies, Matisse, Motherwell, and Hockney. Regina's unique mixed media prints combine traditional silkscreen and lithography process with direct painting, scraping, and collage. There are only 25 pieces in each edition - extremely small by modern standards. Original Paintings wanted.

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Calor 1995 32x24 Original Painting - Regina Saura

Regina Saura

Calor 1995 32x24

Original Painting: Oil on Canvas, Hand Signed

Size: 32x24 in  | 81x61 cm
🔥 Framed Oil on Canvas
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Frutero Grafico 1997 53x45  Huge Original Painting - Regina Saura

Regina Saura

Frutero Grafico 1997 53x45 Huge

Original Painting: Mixed Media on Canvas, Hand Signed

Size: 39x47 in  | 99x119 cm
🔥Huge! Major Mixed Media on Canvas
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Wanted: Regina Saura

Original Oils on CanvasWorks on Paper (not prints): Watercolors


Wanted: Regina Saura

Original Paintings on CanvasWatercolor: Works on paper and Prints


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