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    Art Brokerage: Josep Cisquella Spanish Artist: b. 1955 -2010. Cisquella's signature style of realism, and the way he captured the beauty of everyday phenomena, will be greatly missed. Masterworks of realism and brilliant studies of light, time and illusion, Cisquella's art truly broke new ground. Although during his lifetime Cisquella never stopped short in giving credit to those great art movements and artists before him who provided inspiration (everything from ancient Hellenic art to seventeenth-century trompe l oeil to the Pop art movement) he built upon these traditions and found new and fresh ways to marvel at a painting's capacity to create realities.Through his use of precise color, astounding detail and technical mastery Josep Cisquella's paintings explode with artistic virtuosity. His canvases are quiet mediations on permanence and impermanence; they are both subtle and suggestive, while remaining intellectually complex. Exerting exquisite control over every image, Cisquella created intricate layers of meaning that lie just beneath calm, meditative surfaces. In viewing his work, we are reminded of our own place in the universe's temporal fabric. For that reason, and for the care he took in rendering these quiet scenes, Josep Cisquella's work amounts to a wholehearted celebration of painting itself. Internationally renowned, Cisquella's genius has been celebrated and showcased in countless exhibitions, many times at Caldwell Snyder, as well as Sotheby's in Amsterdam, Fisher Fine Art in London, Galeria bit in Barcelona, Spain, the Inge Beacker Gallery in Cologne, Germany and at Art dans La Ville in Saint Vienne, France. Josep Cisquella once said, I like watching and knowing the little and daily realities that surround us, aiming to search for an artistic vision among the least, the most insignificant. It is said that any topic, watched with enough attention is always interesting. It is said that art does not look for beauty but, in any case, it finds beauty as a reward. We are grateful for the opportunity we have had to bask in the light and shadow of one of the world's great artistic luminaries. He was a talented, genuine and kind-hearted man who will truly be missed. Listings wanted.

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