"Mad Scientist 3-D Sculpture 31x32" by Roark Gourley - 🔥Limited Edition 3-D Mixed Media Sculpture - Inquire - A Steal
Mad Scientist 3-D Sculpture 31x32 Sculpture by Roark Gourley
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Mad Scientist 3-D Sculpture 31x32 Sculpture by Roark Gourley - 0
Mad Scientist 3-D Sculpture 31x32 Sculpture by Roark Gourley - 1
Mad Scientist 3-D Sculpture 31x32 Sculpture by Roark Gourley - 2
Mad Scientist 3-D Sculpture 31x32 Sculpture by Roark Gourley - 3
Mad Scientist 3-D Sculpture 31x32 Sculpture by Roark Gourley - 4
Mad Scientist 3-D Sculpture 31x32 Sculpture by Roark Gourley - 5
Mad Scientist 3-D Sculpture 31x32 Sculpture by Roark Gourley - 6
Mad Scientist 3-D Sculpture 31x32 Sculpture by Roark Gourley - 7
Mad Scientist 3-D Sculpture 31x32 Sculpture by Roark Gourley - 8
Mad Scientist 3-D Sculpture 31x32 Sculpture by Roark Gourley - 9

Mad Scientist 3-D Sculpture 31x32

Roark Gourley

Sculpture : Mixed Media
Size : 31x22 in  |  79x56 cm
Edition : From the Edition of 175

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Hand SignedLower Right 

Condition Excellent 

Purchased fromGallery 1995 

Certificate of AuthenticityArt Brokerage 


Roark Gourley - United States

Art Brokerage: Park West Artist Roark Gourley American Artist: Art Brokerage has Roark Gourley sculpture for sale. Roark specializes in 2.5 dimensional wall sculptures made from wood, resin, and acrylic, often depicting humorous scenarios: pets that match sofas, an out of control executive with 4 arms, chefs cooking up a storm and other whimsical subject matter including, hearts, martinis, shoes, and coffee cups. In the 1980s Roark created several 2.5 dimensional pieces for Warner Bros. depicting their characters in humorous scenarios, including his Daffy Executive and Golfer Taz. In 1992 Roark Gourley was invited to create a work of art by the heads of The Smithsonian's Natural History Museum, Herman J. Viola, and Carolyn Margolis for the upcoming "Seeds of Change" exhibit. The exhibit was to commemorate the 5th centennial of Columbus discovering the AmericasnnIn 2007 he debuted his B-Side, a more serious body of abstract contemporary work featuring light paintings, underwater photography, and 3D Abstract sculpture printed on both traditional and nontraditional materials (plexi-glass and metal). Roark was born in Lynwood, California 1949. He received his art training at Orange Coast College, The Art Institute of Southern California Laguna Beach and the University of Colorado where he studied electronic optics, physics, holography, and photography. Listings wanted.

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