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    Art Brokerage: Jack Dowd American Artist: b. 1938 - Artist and Sculptor Jack Dowd is quickly making a name for himself as one of America's foremost modern sculptors. He is a contemporary social realist, a connisseur of American types, the boisterous, eccentric, innocently hilarious individuals who rarely become the subject of art. Dowd Celebrates Americas' idiosyncratic extended family in his ongoing series of full-sized figures...with affection, humor, and satiric wit. Jack Dowd's life-size creations, viewed on continuing exhibition in museums and galleries throughout the nation, are recognized by Who's Who In American Art and are collected by private, public and corporate patrons from Florida to Australia. His first major sculpture to receive widespread recognition was "I Love New York," a punk rocker that earned Jack best of show in the 1989 Coconut Grove Arts Festival. To obtain painstaking attention to character, He now spends two to three months sculpting a single piece of artwork. When he isn't in his studio, he feels that an important part of his work is to keep in touch with humanity. Listings wanted by Art Brokerage.

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Bases Loaded (New York Yankees) Life Size Hydrocal Sculpture 1991 76in Sculpture - Jack Dowd

Jack Dowd

Bases Loaded (New York Yankees) Life Size Hydrocal Sculpture 1991 76in

Sculpture: Hydrocal Sculpture, Hand Signed, From the Edition of 20

Size: 76x33x24 in  | 193x84x61 cm
🔥Huge Life Size 1991 Hydrocal Sculpture - Inquire
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Singing Chef 3/4 Life Size Sculpture 2009 Sculpture - Jack Dowd

Jack Dowd

Singing Chef 3/4 Life Size Sculpture 2009

Sculpture: Gypsum Cement, Hand Signed, From the edition of 38 Made of gypsum cement

Size: 5x6 in  | 13x15 cm
🔥Life Size Sculpture - Inquire
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World War I Doughboy Unique Carved Basswood Sculpture 66 in Sculpture - Jack Dowd

Jack Dowd

World War I Doughboy Unique Carved Basswood Sculpture 66 in

Sculpture: Hand Carved And Painted Basswood Original, Hand Signed, Unique

Size: 66x11x11 in  | 168x28x28 cm
🔥🔥🔥Life Size Hand Carved Sculpture - Inquire - A Real Steal
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Muhammad Ali Acrylic and Glass Sculpture (Life Size 6ft) Sculpture - Jack Dowd

Jack Dowd

Muhammad Ali Acrylic and Glass Sculpture (Life Size 6ft)

Sculpture: Acrylic, Glass, Hand Signed, From the edition of 100

Size: 80x34x22 in  | 203x86x56 cm
🔥Mixed Media Sculpture - 5 Watchers - Inquire $8,500
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Yokozuna Resin Sculpture 2000 72x60 Sculpture - Jack Dowd

Jack Dowd

Yokozuna Resin Sculpture 2000 72x60

Sculpture: Resin, Hand Signed, 3/4

Size: 72x60x60 in  | 183x152x152 cm
🔥Life Size Resin Sculpture - Inquire - 5 Watchers - A Steal
Motivated SellerReduced
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Mysterious Visitor From the East Sculpture 1991 Sculpture - Jack Dowd

Jack Dowd

Mysterious Visitor From the East Sculpture 1991

Sculpture: Laminated Basswood, Hand Signed

Size: 66x20x23 in  | 168x51x58 cm
Signed Original Basswood Sculpture
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Skier life Size Sculpture 74 in Sculpture - Jack Dowd

Jack Dowd

Skier life Size Sculpture 74 in

Sculpture: Gypsum Cement, Hand Signed, 14/25

Size: 74x18x18 in  | 188x46x46 cm
🔥Life Size Sculpture - 5 Watchers - A Steal
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Wanted: Jack Dowd

Early Butler Hydrocal SculptureSculpture


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