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"Valley of Serenity" by Slava Brodinsky - 🔥🔥Framed Limited Edition Serigraph - 10 Watchers - a Real Steal
Valley of Serenity Limited Edition Print by Slava Brodinsky
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Valley of Serenity Limited Edition Print by Slava Brodinsky - 0
Valley of Serenity Limited Edition Print by Slava Brodinsky - 1
Valley of Serenity Limited Edition Print by Slava Brodinsky - 2

Valley of Serenity

Slava Brodinsky

Limited Edition Print : Serigraph on Wood
Size : 14x11 in  |  36x28 cm
Framed : 20x16 in  |  51x41 cm
Edition : From the edition of 50

11 watchers
Motivated Seller Reduced
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Artist Bio

Hand SignedHand Signed on Front And Numbered on the Back 

Condition Excellent 

Framed without GlassWhite Linen Liner With Wood Frame 

Purchased fromPublisher 

Certificate of AuthenticityArt Brokerage 


Slava Brodinsky - Russian Federation

Art Brokerage: Park West artist.Slava Brodinsky Russian Artist: b. 1955. Slava Brodinsky’s works are exhibited and collected throughout the world. Brodinsky was born in 1955, in eastern Russia, and emigrated to Israel in 1991. The light and color in Israel deeply influenced his style, creating brighter, earthier tones with a broader sense of light and shadow. French landscapes seeped into his painting, inspired by his travels through the Galilee region of northern Israel and Europe. Exposing the rolling hills of Tuscany, Umbria, and the south of France, Brodinsky developed his unique style brushing a mixture of sand, paint, and plaster on canvas. This incorporation of different media, such as mixing the paint with natural elements such as sand, impasto, and the use of rough brushes, served to increase the texture of his pieces and creating an air of earthiness. Listings wanted.

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