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    Art Brokerage: Park West Artist: Stephen Muldoon American Artist: Born in Cleveland, Stephen Muldoon comes from a family of artists. Largely self-taught, he has traveled extensively in Europe, where he was influenced by the Renaissance, and in Central America. Despite long experience working in multi-media, Muldoon's first love is painting in oil on Metal copper and Aluminum / mixed media. His range from amazing still-life to landscapes and ocean views are spectacle. He has been inspired by the Florida coastline to create breathtaking studies of the sea, sunsets and landscapes. Filled with light and life, Muldoon's canvases reflect virtually every human emotion — as well as his own boundless enthusiasm for his art. Listings wanted.

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Smokin - Huge Limited Edition Print - Stephen Muldoon

Stephen Muldoon

Smokin - Huge

Limited Edition Print: Giclee on Aluminum, Hand Signed, From the Edition of 110

Size: 48x24 in  | 122x61 cm
🔥Huge Framed Limited Edition Giclee on Aluminum - Inquire
Motivated Seller
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