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"Solange 2010 29x25" by Taras Loboda - Signed Original Oil on Canvas $6,500
Solange 2010 29x25 Original Painting by Taras Loboda
Solange 2010 29x25 Original Painting by Taras Loboda - 0
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Taras Loboda

"Solange 2010 29x25"

Hand Signed : Lower Right in Oil Paint
Condition : Excellent
Not Framed
Purchased from : Artist 2011
Provenance / History : France
Certificate of Authenticity : Taras Loboda
LID : 93310
Taras Loboda

Art Brokerage: Taras Loboda Ukrainian Artist: b. 1961. Loboda, born in Ivano-Frankovsk, Ukraine, a classically trained graduate of the Institute of Art in Kiev, has found his place in the European post-modernist art space and consistently defends it. Whether he is painting brooding beauties or phantom landscapes, Taras Loboda has a way of using color that seduces the senses. The son of a famous artist, I.I. Loboda, is one of three Ukrainian artists in the Roger Yost Gallery who draw their inspiration from the exciting world that has emerged in Prague, the Czech Republic’s “City of Spires.” The others: Andrej Chernysh and Vladimir Fechyk. Chernysh continues to live in the Ukraine, but Loboda and Fechyk moved permanently to Prague in 1993, and have become major leaders in the Czech cultural community. Loboda's women, with sad eyes and exaggerated Angelina Jolie lips, are usually adorned with vivid scarves, hats or floral concoctions, and command a long, intriguing examination. His “lakescapes,” with reflections of wild, colorful vegetation and flowers, suggest an enchanting radiance that may be at the end of an elusive rainbow.