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    Art Brokerage: Sue Perry American Artist: When her children became school age, Perry took classes from highly-regarded artists. Always eager to improve her techniques and knowledge of painting, Perry sought out the best of Hawaii’s painters such as Lau Chun. Following the directions of one of her teachers to be prepared to “paint one hundred paintings” before she would see results, Sue Perry began her countdown. It was with painting number 101 that her dedication finally paid off. Perry won her first prize in a local poster contest launching her artistic career. She has since mastered her techniques to depict texture, manipulate color, and communicate movement with ease and confidence. Her love of Renoir and self-proclaimed stylistic tendencies toward Impressionism are apparent. It is told that when Renoir painted flowers, he simply let his brain rest and as a result, we are able to see the sheer pleasure conveyed through his painting. Sue Perry has perfected this technique well. Her awareness of the beauty emanating from her garden is reflected through the reverence with which she paints them Perry has experimented with a variety of mediums, but has always found such satisfaction with oils that she rarely strays from using it. The brilliant colors and explosive pace are hard to achieve with other mediums. Primed with a wash of Indian Yellow, each Perry painting begins with a warm under-glow. Painting en plein air allows her to explore the vibrant world of her surroundings and compliments the urgency with which Perry paints. She uses only a palette knife as a means of applying paint to the canvas. It is the intensity of this fast-paced style and facile handling of light that stamps Perry’s work as unique – alive with movement Perry spends six hours each day fine-tuning her artistic skills, and conveniently enough, her favorite place to paint is her own back yard. Delighting in the multi-colored abundance of her protea farm, Perry views her surroundings as a living palette, its colors – radiant and pure – blended by nature. It is hard to tell whether her paintings are inspired by her gardening, or vice versa. Listings wanted.

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Waterfalls At Wailua 2007 30x16 Original Painting - Sue Perry

Sue Perry

Waterfalls At Wailua 2007 30x16

Original Painting: Oil on Board, Hand Signed

Size: 30x16 in  | 76x41 cm
Framed Oil on Board $2,500
Motivated SellerReduced
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Mama's Beach 2005 25x29 Maui, Hawaii Original Painting - Sue Perry

Sue Perry

Mama's Beach 2005 25x29 Maui, Hawaii

Original Painting: Oil on Canvas, Hand Signed

Size: 19x15 in  | 48x38 cm
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Wanted: Sue Perry

All WorksOriginal Painting


Wanted: Sue Perry

Oils on Canvas - Especially MauiOriginal Painting


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