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    Art Brokerage: Vladimir Sorin Moldavan Artist: b. 1966. Vladimir Sorin was born in 1966 in Kishinev, Moldova. His natural talent won him entrance to the Schusev Art School at the age of eleven. Later he won a scholarship to the National Art Academy, where he received a Masters in Fine Art. After completing his studies, Sorin started his career painting backdrops for the national opera house, and then became an art director in the motion picture industry. Sorin developed a style of painting landscapes and scenery that combines photorealism with an ethereal use of colors, light, and shading. The result is compelling—the romantic charm of Old Europe, the power of the sea, the majesty of forests all come alive with such vivid details that they seem at once both real and spiritual. He captures the romantic essence of his subjects so completely that each painting feels like a personal experience. Vladimir's first major show in 1999 in the capital of Moldova was such a success that it was followed by several more, and led to the international demand for his paintings. His artwork now appears in prestigious galleries in California, Las Vegas, Hawaii, Dallas, New York and South Florida. Vladimir's poetic landscapes have become a part of personal collections throughout Europe and America. At the 1998 Olympics, the delegation from Moldova presented the President of the Olympic Committee with a landscape by Sorin. Listings wanted.

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Sonoma County Coast 2021 29x45 - Huge - California Original Painting - Vladimir Sorin

Vladimir Sorin

Sonoma County Coast 2021 29x45 - Huge - California

Original Painting: Oil on Canvas, Hand Signed

Size: 24x40 in  | 61x102 cm
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Wanted: Vladimir Sorin

Original Painting: Any other works


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