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    Art Brokerage: Vladimir Ezhakov Russian Artist: b. 1975. Vladimir Ezhakov is one of the most talented, promising and promising painters in Russia. The main theme of Vladimir Ezhakov's work is dance, in the exquisite movements of ballerinas, in whose flowing outfits he draws inspiration. Vladimir writes cycles dedicated to graceful dancers, whether they are on stage or waiting for the spotlights to come out, as well as paintings dedicated to scenes from the everyday life of a cafe, tearing picturesque moments out of everyday life and leaving them on canvas. Vladimir's painting balances on the verge of expressionism, reflecting the passion that takes possession of the flamenco or tango dancer and impressionism, conveying the sweet charm of the everyday life of the townspeople. A special line of creativity is the portrait, in which Vladimir manages to convey the psychological features of the depicted model. Listings wanted.

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Girl on the Sofa 2004 40x28 - Huge Original Painting - Vladimir Ezhakov

Vladimir Ezhakov

Girl on the Sofa 2004 40x28 - Huge

Original Painting: Oil in Canvas, Hand Signed

Size: 40x28 in  | 102x71 cm
🔥Huge Fabulous Oil on Canvas - Inquire - 4 Watchers - A Steal
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