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    Art Brokerage: Vladimir Koval Ukrainian Artist: b. 1971-. Vladimir Koval was born in the Kirovsky Urban Settlement of Crimea, Ukraine. He is a romantic marine painter, and a member of the Crimean society of Artists. Various techniques and methods include impasto and pouring paint. Although trained by well-known Ukrainian art masters, such as Oleg Yasvin and Sergej Kostjuk; he is essentially a self-taught artist. His first personal exhibition was acquired by the Feodosia Museum of Antiquities in Crimea. Koval’s work is reminiscent of nineteenth century artists Ivan Aivazovsky and Lev Lagorio. Listings wanted.

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Storm 2017 28x36 Original Painting - Vladimir Koval

Vladimir Koval

Storm 2017 28x36

Original Painting: Oil on Canvas, Hand Signed

Size: 24x32 in  | 61x81 cm
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Wanted: Vladimir Koval

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