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"Lover's Paradise 2000 Embellished HS" by Zamy Steynovitz - Framed Limited Edition Embellished on Canvas $1,600
Lover's Paradise 2000 Embellished HS Limited Edition Print by Zamy Steynovitz
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Lover's Paradise 2000 Embellished HS Limited Edition Print by Zamy Steynovitz - 0
Lover's Paradise 2000 Embellished HS Limited Edition Print by Zamy Steynovitz - 1
Lover's Paradise 2000 Embellished HS Limited Edition Print by Zamy Steynovitz - 2
Lover's Paradise 2000 Embellished HS Limited Edition Print by Zamy Steynovitz - 3
Lover's Paradise 2000 Embellished HS Limited Edition Print by Zamy Steynovitz - 4
Lover's Paradise 2000 Embellished HS Limited Edition Print by Zamy Steynovitz - 5

Lover's Paradise 2000 Embellished HS

Zamy Steynovitz

Limited Edition Print : Serigraph in Color With Hand Embellishment on Canvas
Size : 12.5x16.5 in  |  32x42 cm
Edition : From the Edition of 150

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Hand SignedHand Signed in Ink Bottom Center on Canvas 

Condition Excellent 

Purchased fromGallery 2003 

Certificate of AuthenticityArt Brokerage 


Zamy Steynovitz - Poland

Art Brokerage: Park West Artist: Zamy Steynovitz Polish Artist: b. 1951-2000. Zamy Steynovitz was born in Liegnitz, Poland and immigrated to Israel in 1957. The aspiration to be a painter Stemmed from his childhood, and prior to leaving Poland began his artistic activity in earnest. He established his place in the art world after exhibiting his work in one-man exhibitions and art fairs around the world. Zamy's art displays chromatic and thematic richness. His choice of subjects has been strongly influenced by Jewish tradition and folklore, displaying general themes: Paris, still-lifes, flowers, angels, circuses and landscapes. In the early stages of his work he used rich pastels, ink, watercolors and light brush stokes however in the beginning of the 80's when he visited South America his work was influenced by new surroundings and enhanced by local brightness and colorfulness. His art gained chromatic power; the palette became richer in tones, the fixtures thicker, the backgrounds darker and more colorful. Through these developments, Steynovitz's thematic elements persisted in his creation, allowing him to develop into a sensitive and mature artist. Listings Wanted.

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