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    Art Brokerage: Zax American Artist: Born and raised in Los Angeles, E.M. Zax is taking art to another dimension. With a keen eye for color, composition and interplay of images and the ideas they conjure, Zax is breaking the mold of what has been done in the past. As you walk towards the work or move from one angle to the next, the work comes to life and changes based on your perspective. Whether it is Love and a heart, the star of liberty, the peace sign and love, the free flowing design and color composition is harmonious and superbly coherent. The artist has also a talent for a cutting lights, LED illumination and infinite mirrors take the viewer on a journey to discover more than what meets the eye at first impression. Another line in the artist's work is a collection of tributes in homage to contemporary artists who influenced him in his love for art. 3-D polymorph compositions to delight art aficionados. Zax has received various recognition including: 2019 - Featured Artist Coast Gallery, Laguna Beach, 2019 - Article featured in ART WORLD NEWS magazine, 2019 - Featured Artist at the Studio City & Sherman Oaks Rotary Club Art Show. Listings wanted.

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Captain America Unique 2022 32x24 Works on Paper (not prints) - Zax


Captain America Unique 2022 32x24

Works on Paper (not prints): Unique Mixed Media Collage and Acrylic Paints on Paper, Hand Signed, Unique

Size: 32x24 in  | 81x61 cm
🔥Unique Mixed Media Collage and Acrylic
Motivated SellerReduced
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Wanted: Zax

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