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    Art Brokerage: Richard Hambleton Canadian Artist: b. 1954. Richard Hambleton (born June, 1954) is an artist-painter who lived and worked in the Lower East Side of New York City. Richard Hambleton is the godfather of street art. He is the surviving member of a group who, together with Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat, had great success coming out of the New York City art scene during the booming art market of the 1980's. Much of Hambleton's work is compared to graffiti art, however, Hambleton considers his work to be "public art". Richard Hambleton is most famous for his "Shadowman" paintings of the early 1980s. Each painting resembles a life-sized silhouetted image of some mysterious person, a "splashy shadow figure." These "shadow paintings" were splashed and brushed with black paint on buildings and other structures across New York City. Locations were believed to be calculated for maximum impact upon unsuspecting pedestrians. Very often, a "Shadowman" could be found in a dark alley or lurking just around a street corner. Hambleton later expanded the scope of his project and painted these "shadowmen" in other cities, including Paris, London and Rome, and even on the Berlin Wall. Apart from his public art, Richard Hambleton also produced a variation of his "shadow" work, showing his "Shadowman" as a sort of "rodeo man," or rugged "Marlboro Man," often riding a bucking horse. We welcome more listings by this artist. All original works must be authenticated.

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Untitled Drawing - Richard Hambleton

Richard Hambleton


Drawing: Ink on Graph Paper, Not Signed

Size: 5x4 in  | 13x10 cm
Motivated Seller
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Horse and Rider 2005 Huge Limited Edition Print - Richard Hambleton

Richard Hambleton

Horse and Rider 2005 Huge

Limited Edition Print: Giclee on Aluminum, Hand Signed, From the edition 50

Size: 30x40x0 in  | 76x102x0 cm
🔥Huge Giclee on Aluminum
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Heart  Unique on Aluminum 55x44  Huge Limited Edition Print - Richard Hambleton

Richard Hambleton

Heart Unique on Aluminum 55x44 Huge

Limited Edition Print: Giclee Print on Baryta Hahnemule Paper Mounted on 1mm Aluminium, Hand Signed, Unique

Size: 55x44 in  | 140x112 cm
🔥Fabulous - Unique Framed Giclee on Aluminum - 16 Watchers - Big Price Drop - Inquire
16 Watchers
Motivated SellerReduced
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Standing Shadow With Blue Background  Huge Limited Edition Print - Richard Hambleton

Richard Hambleton

Standing Shadow With Blue Background Huge

Limited Edition Print: Giclee Print on Aluminum (Dibond), Hand Signed, from the edition of 50

Size: 54x18 in  | 137x46 cm
🔥Fabulous Giclee on Canvas - Inquire - Blue Chip
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