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    Art Brokerage: Adriaan Boshoff South African Artist: b. 1935-2007. Adriaan Boshoff was known as one of South Africa’s greatest Impressionist artists. A self-taught artist, he was a prolific painter of landscapes, seascapes, still life and figures. Through his impressionistic style, Boshoff tried, not so much to capture light, as to stop time, in his own words “I want to capture fleeting moments before they disappear forever.” Curious by nature, Boshoff absorbed everything he saw and read, immersing himself in every art publication he could find. As a peerless romantic impressionist in South Africa, he was influenced by European Impressionists such as Laura Knight, Berthe Morisot and Mary Cassatt. He simulated his surroundings in his paintings through his unique and balanced compositions bringing to life his memories and daily observations. Boshoff’s landscape paintings lead into his farm scenes – exemplified by The Homecoming and Die Touleier, both of which depict cattle. His flower studies and still-life works are exhibited next, including one of his earliest paintings, Nasturtiums in a Bowl (1966). Here the artist uses a warm palette of red, orange, brown and green to capture the flowers in full, exuberant bloom. Boshoff painted a remarkable number of still lives, focusing on flowers and everyday objects. Like all Impressionists, Boshoff sought to capture the light and atmosphere of the scene to attain essential movement and depth in his paintings – it was of utmost importance for the artist to use both color and light. Listings wanted.

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Two Figures 1990 10x14 Original Painting - Adriaan Boshoff

Adriaan Boshoff

Two Figures 1990 10x14

Original Painting: Acrylic Wash on Charcoal Sketch, Hand Signed

Size: 7x11 in  | 17x28 cm
🔥1990 Framed Mixed Media - Inquire
Motivated Seller
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Meeting Limited Edition Print - Adriaan Boshoff

Adriaan Boshoff


Limited Edition Print: Lithograph, Hand Signed, 171/500

Size: 17x14 in  | 44x36 cm
Framed Lithograph $2,500
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