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"On the Ridge 2012" by Andrew Bone - 🔥Framed Signed Giclee on Deckled Edge Paper
On the Ridge 2012 Limited Edition Print by Andrew Bone
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On the Ridge 2012 Limited Edition Print by Andrew Bone - 0
On the Ridge 2012 Limited Edition Print by Andrew Bone - 1
On the Ridge 2012 Limited Edition Print by Andrew Bone - 2
On the Ridge 2012 Limited Edition Print by Andrew Bone - 3
On the Ridge 2012 Limited Edition Print by Andrew Bone - 4
On the Ridge 2012 Limited Edition Print by Andrew Bone - 5
On the Ridge 2012 Limited Edition Print by Andrew Bone - 6

On the Ridge 2012

Andrew Bone

Limited Edition Print : Giclee in Color on Paper With Deckled Edges
Size : 12x25 in  |  30x64 cm
Framed : 24x37 in  |  61x94 cm
Edition : From the edition of 450

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Artist Bio


Hand SignedLower Right in Pencil 

Condition Excellent 

Framed with GlassGold And Black Frame 

Purchased fromDealer 2014 

Certificate of AuthenticityArt Brokerage 


Andrew Bone - Zimbabwe

Art Brokerage: Andrew Bone African Artist: b. 1957. Artist and conservationist Andrew Bone captures the wildlife and landscapes of his native Africa through his exciting, photo-realistic artwork. Bone was born in Harare, Zimbabwe in 1957. It was during his studies at Falcon College – a bush school for boys aged 12-18 in Zimbabwe (then Southern Rhodesia) – that his deep love and respect for African wildlife began. After graduation, Bone completed a mandatory assignment in the National Service, fighting in the Rhodesian war. It was during his service that he was first introduced to Zimbabwe’s Zambezi Valley, which would become an integral part of his life. The valley is home to many species of animals, including lions, elephants, hippopotami, impalas, zebras, and buffalo. When a friend established a canoeing company in the valley, Bone became a guide, helping visitors explore and experience all that the valley had to offer. During his time here he studied and photographed his surroundings endlessly. As a conservationist first and an artist second, Bone prefers to spend all of his time in the bush. The relationship between the two careers is a happy one. Bone explains that he cannot have one without the other, and he’s very pleased the way it’s worked out. To him, painting is a way to spread his message of conservation and introduce people all over the world to the species of Africa. He also uses his art as a fundraising tool, establishing the Forever Wild Foundation, where 100% of funds raised go directly to the wildlife. Missions like, dealing with P.A.C. (problem animal control) and the general conservation of the species of Africa are important to Bone. His efforts are intensely focused on conservation, his photo-realistic style is a wonderful means to an end. Bone’s technique begins with his camera. Packing his Land Rover for the day, he goes into the wild, photographing everything – an entire spectrum of flora and fauna. He claims that he’s as excited to study a dung beetle as he is a charging herd of elephants. Each species relies upon the next and this gives him inspiration. Once Bone is back in his studio, he begins with one photograph but finds his inspiration on the easel. He does not copy a photo precisely but maintains the acute anatomy of each species. Each animal is exactly as it would be in the wild. Listings wanted by Art Brokerage.

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