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"La Doble Moral 2011 31x39" by Angel Alonso - Just Reduced Again $2,700
La Doble Moral 2011 31x39 Original Painting by Angel Alonso
La Doble Moral 2011 31x39 Original Painting by Angel Alonso - 0
La Doble Moral 2011 31x39 Original Painting by Angel Alonso - 1

Angel Alonso

"La Doble Moral 2011 31x39"

Hand Signed : Lower Right in Pen
Condition : Excellent
Not Framed : Not Framed
Purchased from : Artist 2011
Provenance / History : Purchased fom the Artist
Certificate of Authenticity : The Artist
LID : 83383
Angel Alonso - Cuba

Art Brokerage: Angel Alonso Cuban Artist: Angel Alonso’s acrylic paintings speak in languages both iconographic and purely visual. The artist centers each work around his own stylized version of the human figure, a transparent, fluid outline that calls to mind a more expressive Keith Haring cartoon. In Alonso’s hands the figure is allowed to float, multiply, or grow wings; it is also deceptively subtle in its movements and the emotions it portrays. The figures fight against amorphous, symbol-laden environments. One struggles to hold a ceiling up. Another is adrift among a sea of meaningless, soulless numbers. With surreal colors and an indefinable treatment of space, the paintings seem to exist in a theoretical place rather than the real world. In this way, Alonso says his work showcases “the artificiality of the Western mind,” with its uniformity, insistence on competition, and dependence on technology. Alonso was born in Havana, Cuba and lived in Sweden for several years before returning to his hometown, an experience which impacted his art, making it universally relevant. He has exhibited internationally, including in Honduras, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, and the United States. Listings wanted.