"At the Beach 1973 30x40 Huge - California" by Anton Sipos - 🔥Oil on Canvas - 5 Watchers
At the Beach 1973 30x40  Huge - California Original Painting by Anton Sipos
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At the Beach 1973 30x40  Huge - California Original Painting by Anton Sipos - 0

At the Beach 1973 30x40 Huge - California

Anton Sipos

Original Painting : Oil on Canvas
Size : 30x40 in  |  76x102 cm

4 watchers
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Hand SignedLower right 

Condition Excellent 

Not Framed 

Story / Additional InfoPurchased from artist. Private collection. 

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Anton Sipos - United States

Art Brokerage: Anton Sipos Yugoslavian Artist: b. 1938. Anton Sipos was born in 1938 in Bosnia, the Central Mountain Region of Yugoslavia, his hypnotic interest in drawing manifested itself at an early age. That profound attachment and love affair has never left him. Drawing has been the anchor of his restless, unsettled life. He left home in his teens and supported himself as a film animation artist. His very first work Surrogate (1961) won an Academy Award for best-animated short subject under direction of great Yugoslav animator Dushon VuKotic. Doing freelance work for movie studios never took him away from his painting. He finally left the boring repetitious work of animation and devoted his time as an en plein air artist in the glorious outdoors. That was the determining factor for him to become an impressionist. In 1964, his long standing secret fantasy to live in Montmartre and study with French artists at The ole de Paris became a reality. His paintings from this period hang in major galleries throughout Europe. He exhibited annually at the Salon d'Artistes Franses in the Grand Palais, and the Salon d'Automne. He made numerous trips all over Europe and regularly painted in Italy. He made several paintings of the South of France, all over Provence and The C'd'Azure. He painted Giverny and the Cathedrals of Rouen. He produced some of the most memorable street scenes of old Paris and all around the River Seine. In 1970, Mr. Sipos arrived in Los Angeles where he painted scenes of Los Angeles and San Diego Harbor never submitting to pressures of the market place. He often resorted to working as an artist for the movie industry. His superb classical training won him a contract with Eleanor Ettinger Studio in New York to work for Norman Rockwell transposing his original oils to lithographic plates. His first major New York exhibition took place at the Jasper Gallery on 57th Street in 1977. The last ten years of the artist's life produced the most prolific and mature work. He secluded himself in his atelier in west Los Angeles. Some of the major art dealers and collectors were guests in his atelier. His new palette blossomed into rich, bright colors as never before. Bright yellows, oranges, reds, and blues have been dominant. Anything under the sun becomes the subject of his paintings: the California Coast from Carmel to La Jolla, portraits of his family and friends. Original paintings wanted. We no longer list prints.

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Wanted: Anton Sipos

Oils on CanvasOriginal Painting: Watercolors


Wanted: Anton Sipos

Original Paintings on CanvasOriginal Painting: No prints


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