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    Art Brokerage: Arthur d'Arazien American Artist: He was considered to be the father of Industrial Photography in this country. He had numerous one man shows at the IBM Gallery in NYC, was on the faculty of The Famous Artists School (along with Richard Avedon, Irving Penn and others), and part of his collection resides in the Smithsonian Museum in Washington. Arthur represents the arc of photography's life from lighting with Flash Powder, Slow films and 8x10 Cameras to today's use of digital technology. Listings wanted.

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Charging the Cauldron, Jones and Laughlin 1955 Limited Edition Print - Arthur D'Arazien

Arthur D'Arazien

Charging the Cauldron, Jones and Laughlin 1955

Limited Edition Print: Silver Gelatin Photograph, Hand Signed, From the Edition of 2

Size: 11x14 in  | 28x36 cm
🔥1955 Limited Edition Hand Signed Silver Gelatin Photograph - Blue Chip - Inquire
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