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    Art Brokerage: Barbara Felisky American Artist: Barbara Rosbe Felisky is known for rich impressionist paintings of gardens and landscapes. The afternoon sun warming a wall in Provence, an embankment of towering rhododendrons spilling into the moat of a ruined castle, or a glorious profusion of roses climbing over a brick garden gate, all impart a sense of tranquility and awe in an all-too-often hectic world. Travel is an important facet of Felisky's life. Her frequent trips provide inspiration and source material for her images of Provence, Tuscany, the Amalfi Coast, Italy's Lake District, California vineyards, and, of course, English gardens. Each year she seeks out a new area to explore and photograph, returning to the studio revitalized and refreshed. However, England, with the pull of its scenery and gardens, still holds a special fascination. Felisky's rich palette and vibrant colors capture the exhilarating hues of the flowers and shrubs, while the stone walls, bridges, garden pools, and paths draw the viewer deep into the quiet tranquility of the English countryside. As a change of pace, she often paints florals and still-life tableaus of familiar and folksy home and garden objects. Listings wanted.

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