"Infinite Sun Resin and Glass Sculpture - Monumental" by Charles Sherman - 🔥Huge! Mixed Media Sculpture - 10 Watchers
Infinite Sun Resin and Glass Sculpture - Monumental Sculpture by Charles Sherman
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Infinite Sun Resin and Glass Sculpture - Monumental Sculpture by Charles Sherman - 0
Infinite Sun Resin and Glass Sculpture - Monumental Sculpture by Charles Sherman - 1
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Infinite Sun Resin and Glass Sculpture - Monumental

Charles Sherman

Sculpture : Resin Reinforced with Glass Fibers
Size : 138x78 x24 in  |  351x198 x61 cm
Edition : 2/36, each is unique

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Charles Sherman - United States

Art Brokerage: Charles Sherman American Artist: b. 1947. Charles Sherman is an American artist best known for his continuum sculptures, especially the three-dimensional Möbius, or infinity ring, a form first visualized by the 19th century German mathematician and astronomer, A. F. Möbius. The enigmatic infinity ring has no beginning and no end; the bottom side becomes the topside, and the inside becomes the outside. Sherman’s infinity ring sculptures are mysterious, their curving forms an expression of absolute beauty. His award-winning work has been exhibited widely in the United States and Asia, and is included in museum collections. Sherman has interpreted the infinity ring form in diverse materials, including bronze, ceramic, glass mosaic, aluminum, Lucite and stainless steel. His many sculptural variations reflect Sherman’s study of ancient civilizations, religions and cultures from around the world, and sacred geometry. Paralleling ancient Feng Shui principles, the never-ending circular nature of Sherman’s infinity ring sculptures promote infinite love, healing, abundance, harmony and serenity. Private commissions are available upon request.

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