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    Art Brokerage: Gene and Rebecca Tobey American Artists: Artistic duo Gene and Rebecca Tobey worked together as husband and wife and artistic partners. Having created a distinctive style and a unique artistic signature, the Tobey design is instantly recognizable. Best known for their creations of ceramic and bronze sculptures of abstracted animal forms, bear, buffalo, elk and other majestic animals stand in dynamic, timeless attitudes. Layered in symbols, each sculpture becomes a story within a story to be read and explored time and time again by the viewer. Each piece is a sculptural statement about the dominant personality of the animal, and magic occurs as the sculpture's surface becomes a canvas upon which the Tobeys have carved, drawn, painted and scratched sgraffito drawings of other animals, human figures, scenes of starry night skies, mountain ranges, and symbols and geometric shapes. Beautifully patinated surfaces lend depth and color to the sculpture. In 2006, Gene Tobey passed away after battling leukemia. Inside this website, viewers can gain some insight into Gene and Rebecca's creative and collaborative process and the creations forged during their two-decade partnership. Listings wanted.

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Friends in a Storm Bronze Sculpture 1998 21 in Sculpture - Gene and Rebecca Tobey

Gene and Rebecca Tobey

Friends in a Storm Bronze Sculpture 1998 21 in

Sculpture: Bronze Sculpture, Hand Signed, From the Edition of 25

Size: 17x21x9 in  | 43x52x23 cm
🔥1998 Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture - Inquire
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Wanted: Gene and Rebecca Tobey

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