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    Art Brokerage: Isaac Kahn Lithuanian Artist: Isaac Kahn is a prominent artist who reveals new of expression keeping his personal special quality. The artist born in Kaunas in Lithuania, was exposed to art and colors from an early age as his father was a painter and his mother a make-up artist for the movies. He immigrated with his mother and sister to Israel in 1964, where his school art teacher encouraged him to develop his talents. He excelled in wood engraving and sculpting classes he took later and got a scholarship for art study at the “Bezalel” School of Art. After the 1973 war he was invited by his uncle to come to Uruguay and was admitted to the University of Montevideo, Uruguay sculpting department. His paintings are still inspired to this day by his painting teacher Carlo Montanez, (who had been the assistant of Siqueiro). Italy was his next challenge. There, while working as an artist he also founded the Open University in the Province of Verona where he served as an instructor. He is doing the castings of his statues in a famous casting house in Italy, alongside important sculptures as Arnoldo Pomodore, Juan Mirò, Bottero and others. Isaac Kahn is a coherent artist who is engaged in sculpturing alongside with painting and searches for new realms of expression keeping his own personal stamp. According to him: “It is necessary to learn all your life in order to develop, but it is important to keep your own integrity”. One of his characteristics is his self discipline and order. His works are characterized by geometrical division and rich colors inherited from his teacher Montanez, the South American art and his own preference. At the beginning of his career he made his colors himself from pigments so the colors were more concentrated and intense. His compositions are harmonious and characterized by centralization and equilibrium. The illusion of space, movement and volume in his two dimensional works is achieved by gradations of light and shadows, different size and contours, the direction of the lines, the hues gradations and the multiple viewpoints. The special technique he uses in order to achieve rich hues in the patina of his sculptures, gives each sculpture a unique look reminiscent of painting. The themes appearing in his works are mostly the female body reminiscent of an apple or a musical instrument, elements from the musical world, family, jugglers, riding, dancing and recently a series of stereo metrical monochromatic works. Some of his works contain symbols and conceptual elements. He consequently continues his artist is characterized with order, geometrical division, harmonious compositions and symbolism and connects both to the Conceptual Art and to the Spatial Art. The tendency to emerge from the canvas into the real space which can be found in some artists works as for example in the “ Sculpture-Painting” of Archipenko, gets new and enhanced quality in Isaac Kahn’s works with the combination of modern subject matter, minimalism, dynamism and the underlying conceptual-symbolic quality. Listings wanted.

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Dance 45x55 Huge Limited Edition Print - Isaac Kahn

Isaac Kahn

Dance 45x55 Huge

Limited Edition Print: Serigraph, Hand Signed, From the Edition of 250

Size: 32x42 in  | 81x107 cm
🔥🔥🔥Huge Framed Limited Edition Serigraph - SUPER Steal SUPER SUPER
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