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    Art Brokerage: Elie Hazak Jerusalem Artist: B. 1945 - Elie Hazak grew up in Jerusalem, where he was fascinated by sculpture. There he studied at the Bel Zallel Art School and later toured Israel and Europe as an actor and performer, working on clay sculptures in his spare time. His work, vivid scenes of Indians, cowboys and mountain men, is on permanent display at the Thomas Gilcrease museum in Tulsa. In 1999, he was commissioned by Championship Auto Racing Teams to create the Mario Andretti Trophy. Listings wanted.

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Charging Cougar Bronze Sculpture 1978 30 in Sculpture - Elie Hazak

Elie Hazak

Charging Cougar Bronze Sculpture 1978 30 in

Sculpture: Bronze, Foundry Signature w/ Stamp, From the edition of 30

Size: 30x20x14 in  | 76x51x36 cm
🔥Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture - a Steal - 6 Watchers
5 Watchers
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Nesting Site Bronze Sculpture 1984 43 in Sculpture - Elie Hazak

Elie Hazak

Nesting Site Bronze Sculpture 1984 43 in

Sculpture: Bronze, Sculpture Foundry Mark, From the edition of 30

Size: 43x29x12 in  | 109x74x30 cm
🔥Huge Rare Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture - 9 Watchers - A Real Steal
10 Watchers
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Thirsty Fella Bronze Sculpture 1967 27 in Sculpture - Elie Hazak

Elie Hazak

Thirsty Fella Bronze Sculpture 1967 27 in

Sculpture: Bronze, Foundry Signature w/ Stamp, From the edition of 56

Size: 27x17x12 in  | 69x43x30 cm
🔥Bronze Sculpture $4,500
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Wanted: Elie Hazak

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