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    Art Brokerage: Jerry McKellar American Artist: Primarily a self-taught artist, his vivid imagination combined with input from life experiences, travel, and nature influence his creative spirit. McKellar’s education at the University of Washington dental school provided him with extensive studies of facial and human anatomy that has helped greatly in sculpting the human body. He began making jewelry in dental school, and continued throughout his dental career to experiment with different art forms, including painting, scratchboard drawing, and sculpting. He has been seriously sculpting in bronze and steel since 1987 and retired from dentistry in 1994 to pursue his art career full time. He has taken patina classes, and has expanded on that knowledge with years of experimentation. He currently does much of his own patina work, including his lifesize and larger sculptures. Characteristic of McKellar’s work is his realistic style, embodied with power and movement. His work varies from extremely fine detail to smooth muscle studies emphasizing the human form. Listings wanted.

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Coup Ponies Bronze Sculpture AP 36 in Sculpture - Jerry McKellar

Jerry McKellar

Coup Ponies Bronze Sculpture AP 36 in

Sculpture: Bronze With Grey And Tan Patina, Foundry Signature w/ Stamp, From the AP Edition of 3

Size: 36x26x24 in  | 91x66x61 cm
🔥🔥Fabulous Artist Proof Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture - 8 Watchers - a Real Steal
8 Watchers
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