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    Art Brokerage: Eric Orr American Artist: A pioneer of the substitutive style of graffiti art in the late 1970's, Orr eschewed "writing" in favor of visual iconography which led to his creation of the distinctive robot that would become his signature and his alter-ego. In 1984, Orr and Keith Haring collaborated on a series of drawings in the NYC subways that featured Orr's "robot head" character alongside Haring's, "radiant baby." In 1986, Orr created and published four issues of "Rappin' Max Robot," the first Hip-Hop comic book. "Max Robot" has evolved over time as Orr has nurtured and expanded his narrative. Orr is a master of color and "Max's" spirit is certainly infused with it – it is remarkably evident within the new silkscreen prints, all of which are infused with iridescence. Eric Orr has designed and illustrated images, covers and logos for musical artists including Jazzy Jay, Busy B, Positive K, Jazzy Joyce, Masters of Ceremony, Ultimate Force, Lord Finesse, Diamond D and Diggin' In the Crates (D.I.T.C). He has worked with and exhibited alongside artists including Futura, Seen, Doze and Kaws and his work has been featured in publications including Juxtapoz, Mass Appeal, Sketchel, Complex and the International Graffiti Times. In 2014 Orr's personal archives were acquired by Cornell University for its Hip-Hop Collection and in 2015 Columbia University acquired multiple works for its permanent fine art collection. Listings wanted.

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