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    Art Brokerage: Death NYC American Artist: b. 1979. Death NYC is a street artist from New York. Growing up in New York, she was exposed to a wide variety of cultures, which led her to question the things she saw on the street very early. This experience is essential in the choice of her pseudonym artist and her approach. Death prefers to remain anonymous because it allows her to keep his freedom of work in the street. In her early days, Death painted on the walls and floors of popular stores in Soho and Chelsea. Her nickname is actually an acronym for "Do not Easily Abandon The Hope" (which does not give up hope easily), often misleading the public, especially when the artist writes her slogan "Death is free" in the streets. In her work, Death seeks to ridicule the media by diverting images of popular culture. One of her most famous works is the representation of Mao Zedong with a pink bow in the hair and pink lipstick. Listings wanted.

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Creation Heart Red AP Limited Edition Print - Death NYC

Death NYC

Creation Heart Red AP

Limited Edition Print: Lithograph on Paper, Hand Signed, From the AP Edition

Size: 13x18 in  | 32x45 cm
🔥 Limited Edition Artist Proof Lithograph - Inquire
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