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    Art Brokerage: Fernando Botero Colombian Artist: B. 1933. Fernando Botero's satirical portraits of political, military and religious figures, musicians and royalty are portrayed as rotund and motionless, taking on the character of human still-life. Humorous in nature at first glance, Botero's paintings are more often than not social commentary with political overtones. Widely exhibited in Europe and North and South America, Botero has received numerous awards including the First Intercol at the Museum of Modern Art in Bogota, and is included in major museums worldwide. Since the early 1970s, Columbian artist Fernado Botero has divided his time between Paris, Madrid and Medellin. In the many years of his career he has produced many original paintings, lithographs and sculptures. Listings wanted.

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Dancers (Bailador) Limited Edition Print - Fernando Botero

Fernando Botero

Dancers (Bailador)

Limited Edition Print: Lithograph on Paper, Hand Signed, From the Edition of 50

Size: 17x12 in  | 43x30 cm
🔥Framed Limited Edition Lithograph - Inquire - 7 Watchers
7 Watchers
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Hunter 1980 27x25 Drawing - Fernando Botero

Fernando Botero

Hunter 1980 27x25

Drawing: Pencil on Paper, Hand Signed

Size: 16x13 in  | 39x33 cm
🔥1980 Framed Pencil Drawing - Blue Chip - Inquire
6 Watchers
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Mujer Fumando 1985 AP Limited Edition Print - Fernando Botero

Fernando Botero

Mujer Fumando 1985 AP

Limited Edition Print: Lithograph on Paper, Not Signed, AP

Size: 26x18 in  | 65x44 cm
🔥Framed Limited Edition Artist Proof - a Steal
4 Watchers
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