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    Art Brokerage: Jacob Collins American Artist: Jacob Collins is a leading figure in the contemporary revival of classical painting. He earned a BA in history from Columbia College, attended the New York Studio School, the New York Academy of Art, and the Art Students League. As a student, Collins also copied extensively in museums in America and Europe. His work has been widely exhibited in North America and Europe and is included in several American museums. Collins is the founder of The Grand Central Academy of Art, and the Hudson River Fellowship. Listings wanted.

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Sunset 1980 52x60 - Huge Original Painting - Jacob Collins NEW

Jacob Collins

Sunset 1980 52x60 - Huge

Original Painting: Oil on Canvas, Hand Signed

Size: 48x56 in  | 122x142 cm
🔥🔥Huge 1980 Framed Oil on Canvas - Inquire - A Steal Motivated - 2nd Huge Price Reduction
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Wanted: Jacob Collins

Original Painting: Any other works


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