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"Time Out Boy Bronze Sculpture 1993 15 in" by Gary Lee Price - 🔥1993 Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture - Inquire $2,900
Time Out Boy Bronze Sculpture 1993 15 in Sculpture by Gary Lee Price
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Time Out Boy Bronze Sculpture 1993 15 in Sculpture by Gary Lee Price - 0
Time Out Boy Bronze Sculpture 1993 15 in Sculpture by Gary Lee Price - 1
Time Out Boy Bronze Sculpture 1993 15 in Sculpture by Gary Lee Price - 2
Time Out Boy Bronze Sculpture 1993 15 in Sculpture by Gary Lee Price - 3
Time Out Boy Bronze Sculpture 1993 15 in Sculpture by Gary Lee Price - 4

Time Out Boy Bronze Sculpture 1993 15 in

Gary Lee Price

Sculpture : Bronze
Size : 15x9 x11 in  |  38x23 x28 cm
Edition : From the Edition of 200

New Motivated Seller
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Hand SignedOn the Page of the Book 

Condition Excellent 

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Gary Lee Price - United States

Art Brokerage: Gary Lee Price American Sculptor: B. 1955. Literally, thousands of Gary Lee Price sculptures are in public and private collections throughout the world. One of the largest libraries in the world, the Hong Kong Central Library, is graced by the recent acquisition of twelve Gary Lee Price life-size bronze sculptures. The 11-foot Celebration which features joyous children celebrating life, was first unveiled in Surrey, England.The most recent installation is located at the entrance of the corporate headquarters for NuSkin International in Provo, Utah. The interaction-of-hands theme has been an important aspect of his work as reflected in other pieces such as Synergy, Helping Hand, Ascent, Circle of Peace and Circle of Friends. Uplifting others, helping others and joining hands with others in brotherhood and sisterhood are essential parts of the life of Gary Lee Price. Perhaps the unexpected and tragic loss of his parents at age six anchored within him the importance of enduring and positive relationships and of the need to see and depict humanity in a positive light and on an upward journey. Listings wanted by Art Brokerage.

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Wanted: Gary Lee Price

All WorksSculpture: Bronze


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