"Anathema: Churchill
2017 61x43 Huge" by Gordon Carter - 🔥Huge Oil on Canvas —a Steal - Dont Miss This - Inquire $3,795
Anathema: Churchill<br /> 2017 61x43 Huge Original Painting by Gordon Carter
Anathema: Churchill<br /> 2017 61x43 Huge Original Painting by Gordon Carter - 0
Anathema: Churchill<br /> 2017 61x43 Huge Original Painting by Gordon Carter - 1
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Gordon Carter

"Anathema: Churchill
2017 61x43 Huge"

Hand SignedLower Right in Paint 
Condition Excellent 
Not FramedWinston Churchill 
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Story / Additional InfoDouble portrait of Winston Churchill as he was as a young man and as he was during WW2. Part of the project "Anathema" which deals with issues surrounding nations, history and individualism. 
Certificate of AuthenticityArt Brokerage 
Gordon Carter - United Kingdom

Art Brokerage: Gordon Carter British-American Artist: Gordon Carter is a 32 year old British-American. Gordon Carter was born in Texas which is where he studied painting, made his first exhibitions and placed his work into many private collections; in 2000 he left the states and moved to Europe, Carter has lived and worked in England, Romania and Bulgaria. In Bulgaria he began to shift from what may be called his post-study period, to a more unique and self-confident phase of his work. In 2004 he made the acquaintance of Bogdan Aleksandrov, at which point they began a working partnership which has led both to develop and evolve a new Bulgarian school of contemporary painting. In 2006 Gordon Cartner began an on-line project called "the process", which essentially is the live streaming creation of his works over the Internet, an idea that fulfils several ambitions simultaneously: to take culture to the masses, to remove borders and allow the spectator the unique opportunity to engage directly with the artist; this project has been watched by people in over 200 countries to date. Gordon has won several top prizes for his works, including the National prize for young artists in 2006 Bulgaria, The National Landscape Prize 2007 (Bulgaria), and is nominated currently for the 2008 M-Tel prize for contemporary painting in Bulgaria. His paintings are also to be found in the collections of various museums and galleries, including the National Collection for Contemporary Art in Bulgaria, The International Cyril and Methodius Foundation Collection, and The Collection of the Presidency of Romania. Gordon Carter has also has the distinction of being the second person in the history of Bulgaria to be given citizenship for his contributions to Bulgarian society through Cultural means. Listings wanted.