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    Art Brokerage: Jack Faragasso American Artist: He is known nationally and internationally as an art instructor, fine artist, illustrator and author. He has been teaching students of all ages, to draw and paint in the time-honored realistic manner, at the Art Students League of New York since 1968. He has also taught at the Woodstock School of Art and the Scottsdale Artists School in Arizona. As an instructor of the Frank J. Reilly School of Art, he then became its director after the death of Mr. Frank Reilly in 1967. Frank J. Reilly was and still is regarded by many as one of the finest teachers of drawing and painting in the country. Faragasso, who studied with and worked under Reilly for many years, is the foremost authority on the Reilly system of drawing and painting. As a thoughtful and knowledgeable teacher, the author has carefully researched and practiced every phase of the subject. He spent much time in the great museums of Europe and America studying the works of the Old Masters. The author uses many of the drawing and painting principles of the Reilly system, and over the years, he has elaborated upon these principles, and added to them. His subjects include portraits, figures, still life, landscape and meaningful paintings. Listings wanted.

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Old Gas Pump 1995 9x12 Original Painting - Jack Faragasso

Jack Faragasso

Old Gas Pump 1995 9x12

Original Painting: Oil on Board, Hand Signed

Size: 9x12 in  | 23x30 cm
🔥1995 Oil on Board - a Steal
Motivated SellerReduced
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Sully's Stream 1994 15x18 Original Painting - Jack Faragasso

Jack Faragasso

Sully's Stream 1994 15x18

Original Painting: Oil on Board, Hand Signed

Size: 11x14 in  | 28x36 cm
🔥1994 Framed Oil on Board
Motivated SellerReduced
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Duck Family Swim 1995 12x16 Original Painting - Jack Faragasso

Jack Faragasso

Duck Family Swim 1995 12x16

Original Painting: Oil on Panel, Hand Signed

Size: 12x16 in  | 30x41 cm
🔥1995 Oil on Panel - Inquire
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Two Goosanders 1985 16x20 Original Painting - Jack Faragasso

Jack Faragasso

Two Goosanders 1985 16x20

Original Painting: Gouache and Casein on Artists Board, Hand Signed

Size: 12x16 in  | 30x41 cm
🔥1985 Framed Gouache and Casein on Artist Board - Inquire
Motivated SellerReduced
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Wanted: Jack Faragasso

Oils on CanvasOriginal Painting


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