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    Art Brokerage: Jan Balet French Artist: B.1913 -2009. Widely acknowledged as a Master Painter with a knack for capturing a Happy Nostalgia in his numerous works, Jan Balet has been delighting Art Collectors for decades! His ubiquitous blue-eyed characters are instantly recognizable, dressed in their Old-Fashioned clothes and often painted as if they are posing for an antique "sepia-toned" picture one might find in Grandmother`s dusty trunk full of treasures up in the attic. Jan Balet's artwork was widely promoted in the 1980's by Circle Fine Art Gallery. While in New York, he had a residence and studio in the city. In 1965, he moved back to Munich, then France. In 1978, he made his home in Estavayer-le-Lac, Switzerland, where he continued to paint and produce masterful lithographs which are fancied all around the world. He has also been cited in many publications and books, including American Artist, Vogue, Schöner Wohnen, Masters of Naïve Art and Die Naiven der Welt. Balet's works are in permanent museum collections in Europe/ Referred to as a naïve painter, his works exhibit a dry wit and refreshingly candid, satirical view of life. Balet said he drew inspiration from both ancient Greek and ancient Egyptian art. We no longer accept prints by this artist but have clients for original paintings.

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This is My Song of Love 1952 14x12 Works on Paper (not prints) - Jan Balet

Jan Balet

This is My Song of Love 1952 14x12

Works on Paper (not prints): Gouache, Hand Signed

Size: 14x12 in  | 36x30 cm
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Deep in My Heart Dear 1952 14x12 Original Painting - Jan Balet

Jan Balet

Deep in My Heart Dear 1952 14x12

Original Painting: Gouache, Hand Signed

Size: 14x12 in  | 36x30 cm
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