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"Quietude 1993 15x20" by Joann Rea - 🔥1993 Framed Oil on Masonite - Inquire
Quietude 1993 15x20 Original Painting by Joann Rea
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Quietude 1993 15x20 Original Painting by Joann Rea - 0
Quietude 1993 15x20 Original Painting by Joann Rea - 1
Quietude 1993 15x20 Original Painting by Joann Rea - 2
Quietude 1993 15x20 Original Painting by Joann Rea - 3
Quietude 1993 15x20 Original Painting by Joann Rea - 4

Quietude 1993 15x20

Joann Rea

Original Painting : Oil on Masonite
Size : 12x15.75 in  |  30x40 cm
Framed : 15x19.75 in  |  38x50 cm

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Hand SignedLower Right in Pigment 

Condition Excellent 

Framed without GlassPewter Frame w/ Red Mat 

Purchased fromDealer 1994 

Provenance / HistoryPurchased through Park West Gallery, from the collection of the artist during exhibition January 14-17, 1994 

Certificate of AuthenticityPark West Gallery 


Joann Rea - United States

Art Brokerage: Joann Rea American Artist: Joann Rea has been capturing the nuances of nature and the environment in paint for over forty years. Her paintings have an incandescence and reality-based starkness that allow them to blend with traditional or contemporary styles. For many years, Joann lived in the Washington, DC area and a substantial body of her artwork reflects the natural beauty of the landscapes and gardens in the mid-Atlantic region. Throughout her career, she also has created stunning portraits of subjects ranging from children to Eastern European peasants. Since moving to the Chicago area in 2009, her work has featured a variety of contemporary themes and abstract ideas exhibited in paintings of skies and desolate desert landscapes. Original paintings wanted.

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Wanted: Joann Rea

All WorksOriginal Painting: Oils on Canvas


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