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    Art Brokerage: Kris Cox American Artist: b. 1951. Los Angeles. Kris Cox earned a BA from Claremont College and his MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design. He has participated in more than 50 solo exhibition and numerous significant group exhibitions internationally. His works are included in such prominent public and private collections as the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, the Oakland Art Museum, General Mills, and the Prudential Insurance Art Collection. In minimalist yet detailed compositions that provoke close inspection, Cox's works exude rich and subtle surfaces that are often the result of detailed process. Complex interactions between disparate tactile materials and many layers reward the viewer with the anachronistic quality of bold minimalist imagery and rich detailed surface, combining a thoroughly modernist sensibility with a respect for traditional techniques and methods. Cox's work demonstrates a controlled chaotic sense of tightly modulated drawing and compositional decisions interacting with the randomness and inherently uncontrollable nature of material interactions. Incorporating a huge variety of materials such as pigmented beeswax, leather, nuts, animal tusks, terry cloth, and wood putty, these works often reference specific time and place, and can be seen as mementos or trophies of past events and memories. Listings wanted.

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One Sonoma Heart, and Sonoma Heart Too, Suite of 2 Paintings   1992 12x24 - California Original Painting - Kris Cox

Kris Cox

One Sonoma Heart, and Sonoma Heart Too, Suite of 2 Paintings 1992 12x24 - California

Original Painting: Mixed Media on Canvas on Wood Panel, Hand Signed

Size: 12x24 in  | 30x61 cm
🔥Set of 2 Mixed Media on Wood Panel - a Steal - Abstract Expressionist - Blue Chip - Steal
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Site 7:30, 2008 57x47 Huge Original Painting - Kris Cox

Kris Cox

Site 7:30, 2008 57x47 Huge

Original Painting: Pigmented Beeswax, Leather, Nuts, Tusk, Terry Cloth, Pigmented Wood Putty, Hand Signed

Size: 57x47 in  | 145x119 cm
🔥Framed Mixed Media on Panel - A Steal $5,200
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Untitled (Linear Ebony Ash Mixed Media Panel), from Curtain series 36x48 Huge Original Painting - Kris Cox

Kris Cox

Untitled (Linear Ebony Ash Mixed Media Panel), from Curtain series 36x48 Huge

Original Painting: Pigmented Wood Putty And Mixed Media on Panel, Hand Signed

Size: 36x48 in  | 91x122 cm
🔥🔥🔥Huge - Blue Chip Mixed Media on Panel - A SUPER Steal - 11 watchers - Inquire
12 Watchers
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Untitled/Wave Ebony Ash, from the Curtain Series 2005 36x48 Huge Original Painting - Kris Cox

Kris Cox

Untitled/Wave Ebony Ash, from the Curtain Series 2005 36x48 Huge

Original Painting: Pigmented Wood Putty And Mixed Media on Panel, Hand Signed

Size: 36x48 in  | 91x122 cm
🔥Fabulous Mixed Media on Panel - 6 Watchers - A Steal
5 Watchers
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