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    Art Brokerage: Hong Tao Li Chinese Artist: He was born and raised in coastal city of Da-Lian in northeast China, Liao-Ning Province. He was the eldest in a middle class family of five children. When he was 10, his parents sent him to study Qi, Chinese herb and acupuncture medicine with a Taoist. His father died of cancer when Mr. Li was only thirteen, and by that time, his mother had also lost most of her sight due to severe eye disease. Mr. Li was forced to drop out of school to become the breadwinner of the family. At age 16, his desire for higher education drove him to study and apply for an electrical engineering school. He was accepted as an exceptional talent, but the Cultural Revolution interfered with his plans. Two hobbies and talents of his got him through those difficult years: he was born with a dramatic tenor voice and his ability in drawing and painting. Eventually, he found himself as a vocalist in a national entertaining group in the capital city of China and finally he had more access and means to pursue a career in oil painting. Despite the instability of his early years, there was one constant throughout his life, his affinity for fine art. Many well-known Chinese and Western painters became his idols. Names such as Qi BaiShi, Bada Shanren, Picasso, Monet, Van Gogh, de Kooning and Kandinsky all influenced and inspired him. In almost all his leisure time, he immersed himself painting. His passion and skill for painting, his ability to observe and absorb and his depth of life experience led him to master and create his own style of painting. His paintings are passionate, vibrant, dynamic and spontaneous, often upbeat and joyous, constantly changing and evolving. Many professional painters and art critics alike have praised Mr. Li's unique style and achievement in oil paintings. Listings wanted by Art Brokerage.

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Peace 2014 27x35 Original Painting - Hong Tao Li

Hong Tao Li

Peace 2014 27x35

Original Painting: Oil on Canvas, Hand Signed

Size: 28x35 in  | 70x90 cm
🔥Oil on Canvas
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Untitled Abstract Painting 2008 30x25 Original Painting - Hong Tao Li

Hong Tao Li

Untitled Abstract Painting 2008 30x25

Original Painting: Oil on Canvas, Hand Signed

Size: 25x20 in  | 64x51 cm
🔥Framed Oil on Canvas
Motivated SellerReduced
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