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"Masked Musicians 2012 39x32" by Mark Kanovich - 🔥Fabulous Framed Acrylic on Canvas $7,300
Masked Musicians 2012 39x32 Original Painting by Mark Kanovich
Masked Musicians 2012 39x32 Original Painting by Mark Kanovich - 0
Masked Musicians 2012 39x32 Original Painting by Mark Kanovich - 1
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Mark Kanovich

"Masked Musicians 2012 39x32"

Hand SignedSigned in Pigment Lower Right 
Condition Excellent 
Framed without GlassGold Frame 
Purchased fromGallery 2014 
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Certificate of AuthenticityArt Brokerage 
Mark Kanovich

Art Brokerage: Mark Kanovich Artist: b. 1970. Mark Kanovich was born in Tbilisi, Georgia, on May 1, 1970. The world of Kanovich is one in which man is constantly seeking love, beauty, warmth, humor and generosity. His fantastic realism focuses on dimension, movement and form, staging his figures through unique and sharp perspectives and unusual and innovative techniques, which fuse sculpture and painting. While his work is clearly inspired by the works of Chagall, Kanovich’s images are equally romantic but often invoke a poignant sense of longing. Mark developed his artistic qualities from a very early age. He studied architecture at the University and at 18 he was forced to join the army according to a new law which made military service mandatory for students. He was recruited to design information centers. One day he designed a poster of Lenin that the commander in chief at the time disapproved. He thought the image was ridiculing the great leader. Kanovich was placed in military jail for a few days. This episode had such an effect on him that he made an oath never to draw anything political for the rest of his life. His current studio resides in a former Kibbutz and British Military office. There he works each day with other artist and friends, including Yaacov Agam, David Najar, Yuval Wolfson and until his passing in 2012, Itzchak Tarkay with whom Mark was very close, and who mentored him and supported his career. Listings wanted. Original paintings only.