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"Le Village 39x39" by Nicole Sebille - 🎅🏻🔥Large Framed Oil on Canvas - A Steal $1,995
Le Village 39x39 Original Painting by Nicole Sebille
Le Village 39x39 Original Painting by Nicole Sebille - 0
Le Village 39x39 Original Painting by Nicole Sebille - 1
Le Village 39x39 Original Painting by Nicole Sebille - 2
Le Village 39x39 Original Painting by Nicole Sebille - 3
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Nicole Sebille

"Le Village 39x39"

Hand SignedLower Left  
Condition Excellent 
Framed without GlassGold Frame With White Wood Mat 
Purchased fromPrivate Collector 2021 
Certificate of AuthenticityArt Brokerage 
Nicole Sebille - France

Art Brokerage: Nicole Sebille French Artist. Nicole Sebille was born into a family of artists. She inherited a sense of well being, space, color and light, all of which can be seen in her work. Sebille can only work in moments of plentitude, which she translates into a landscape, still life, or a floral composition. She works with a knife to create contrasts between relief and smooth surfaces. With a few colors she suggests the atmosphere of a country house, the charms of fall or a Mediterranean landscape. Yet it is with her floral composition and her still life paintings that she excels. She works with oil on canvas, paper and etching. Sebille is most influenced by the Impressionism Movement, particularly by Marc Chagall and the abstract painter Nicolas de Stael. Sebille's background as an interior designer provided her with the graphic tools her paintings demand. One can find in the design profession qualities like clarity, warmth, colors, space and light - all essential to painting. Moreover, Nicole admits that she can only paint in moments of bliss which she attempts to translate through still life, landscape and floral compositions. Spontaneity, stark synthesis and creative power sum up Nicole's art. Sebille's technique is mainly oil that is applied with a knife. Her palette of intense colors and her abundant flowers are Nicole's trademark. Nicole paints because it allows her to believe in a better future and it soothes the stress of everyday life. All techniques mastered have allowed the artist to explore new possibilities and to look for new techniques and compositions. Nicole Sebille is constantly renewing herself to the pleasure of collectors and every aspect of her work brings out the energy and joy of life.



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Nicole Sebille

Original Painting: Early landscapes