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"No. 3 At the Ritz 1988 31x39" by Ramon Lombarte - 🔥Oil on Canvas - Inquire - 8 Watchers
No. 3 At the Ritz 1988 31x39 Original Painting by Ramon Lombarte
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No. 3 At the Ritz 1988 31x39 Original Painting by Ramon Lombarte - 0
No. 3 At the Ritz 1988 31x39 Original Painting by Ramon Lombarte - 1

Ramon Lombarte

No. 3 At the Ritz 1988 31x39

Original Painting : Oil and Natural Pigments on Canvas
Size : 31x39 in  |  79x99 cm
Suggested Retail Price: $44,000

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Hand SignedRamon Lombarte 

Condition Excellent 

Not Framed 

Purchased fromGallery 1993 

Provenance / HistoryRamón Lombarte - Spain 

Story / Additional InfoUnion Square Gallery at the Union Square in San Francisco, USA 

Certificate of AuthenticityUnion Square Gallery / Ramon Lombarte 

Additional InformationMotivated Seller 


Ramon Lombarte - Spain

Art Brokerage: Ramon Lombarte Spanish Artist: b. 1956. Since his American debut in 1987, Artist Ramon Lombarte has captured the attention of many serious American art collectors and firmly established his market in Europe. In order to make his work to a greater audience, Lombarte began creating lithographs. True to his painting style, he personally draws the image on each stone to insure that his limited edition prints are his work and not that of another artist interpreting his images. Ramon Lombarte is so committed to quality and authenticity that, using antique lithographic presses with the assistance of a French master printer, he hand-pulls each piece of every edition. This serious attention to traditional technique prompted him to set up his own atelier in order to achieve maximum control over the quality of every print. Art Brokerage has clients for original Ramon Lombarte paintings on canvas. Listings wanted.

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