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    Art Brokerage: Ringo American Artist: Artist Bio Daniel Funes (known professionally as Ringo) is an American Artist, Photographer, Musician and protege to the late Steve Kaufman (Former Assistant to Andy Warhol ). At an early age, Ringo was part of a charity founded by Steve Kaufman (Give Kids A Break), which was established to help troubled inner-city kids. The kids learned about art and the art world while working in Kaufman's art studio. Ringo became adept in the art of silkscreening. He mastered the layering processes, painting, and presentation. Kaufman saw the potential and ambition that his young assistant was showing and named Ringo his protege. Ringo was hands-on in many of Kaufman's projects, and now many of Ringo's works hang alongside his mentor's in Galleries around the World. In 2004, Kaufman and Ringo joined forces to create a limited edition series - 'The Legacy Series'- which celebrated Warhol and introduced Ringo to the Art World. Hand-painted, embellished and screened by Steve and Ringo, their first limited edition of 100 sheets sold out within a few months. The next edition created inside the Melrose art studio in 2006 was Ringo's first solo project - 'Les Origenales' which was a hit as well. Steve Kaufman and Ringo attended ArtExpo together from 2002 until 2007 when Steve fell ill and was recovering from a stroke. Ringo attended to his mentor's recovery but by the end of 2009, while Ringo was working in Europe, Kaufman fell ill indefinitely. Alongside Bob Womak, Ringo took charge of the Melrose studio. Following in the steps as his predecessor, all of Ringo's events and exhibits provide help to his Community through the artist's art sales. - Our Community is as important to me, as painting. Helping each other is the best thing we can do, One Step At A Time -

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Mona 16x12 - Mona Lisa - Pris, France Original Painting - Ringo


Mona 16x12 - Mona Lisa - Pris, France

Original Painting: Mixed Media on Canvas, Hand Signed

Size: 16x12 in  | 41x30 cm
🔥🔥🔥Mixed Media on Canvas - Inquire - A Real Steal - BE SURPRISED - Steve Kaufman Assitant
Motivated SellerReduced
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Marylin Monroe 7 Year Itch 2006 Limited Edition Print - Ringo


Marylin Monroe 7 Year Itch 2006

Limited Edition Print: Oil on Canvas Silkscreen, Hand Signed, From the edition of 100

Size: 16x13 in  | 41x33 cm
🔥Mixed Media on Canvas
4 Watchers
Motivated SellerReduced
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M. Pop IV 2014 36x36 Original Painting - Ringo


M. Pop IV 2014 36x36

Original Painting: Oil on Canvas, Heavy Resin Layered, Hand Signed

Size: 36x36 in  | 91x91 cm
🔥Framed Oil on Canvas $3,700
Motivated SellerReduced
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Marilyn 2005 18x18 Embellished Collaboration Limited Edition Print - Ringo


Marilyn 2005 18x18 Embellished Collaboration

Limited Edition Print: Hand Embellished Oil on Canvas Silkscreen, Hand Signed, From the edition of 100

Size: 18x18 in  | 46x46 cm
🔥Framed Embellished Collaboration $2,975
3 Watchers
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