"Untitled Bronze Coffee Table Unique 2008 24 in" by Ruth Bloch - 🔥🔥🔥Fabulous Unique Bronze Table - A SUPER SUPER Steal - 14 Watchers - Inquire
Untitled Bronze Coffee Table Unique 2008 24 in Sculpture by Ruth Bloch
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Untitled Bronze Coffee Table Unique 2008 24 in Sculpture by Ruth Bloch - 0

Untitled Bronze Coffee Table Unique 2008 24 in

Ruth Bloch

Sculpture : Bronze Sculpture w/ Glass Top
Size : 19x24 x24 in  |  48x61 x61 cm
Edition : Unique

15 watchers
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Foundry Signature w/ StampEtched Into Bronze Frame 

Condition Excellent 

Purchased fromArtist 2008 

Provenance / HistoryPurchased from artist 

Certificate of AuthenticityPost Gallery 

Additional InformationSUPER SUPER 


Ruth Bloch - Israel

Art Brokerage: Ruth Bloch Israeli Artist: B. 1951 - . Ruth Bloch was born in Israel in 1951 to artist parents. Her father was a musician, while her mother worked in ceramics, Ruth's family were members of a Kibbutz called Alonim, a place where childhood and early youth afforded her many opportunities to develop her artistic talents. Reaching adulthood, Ruth attended the Avny Art Institute in Tel Aviv, and took additional studies in psychology in the United States. Currently Ruth Bloch lives and sculpts in Israel. Her work exhibits a great depth of feeling for the human figure, revealing the living unity of her masculine and feminine forces. Her works are exhibited all over the world.Ruth Bloch's growth as sculptor is far easier to trace than her influences. As a figurative sculptor, Bloch most closely relates to Henry Moore for his fluidity of line and his genius for making that which is massive, delicate. Her work entitled, "Fatherhood", which blends the human forms in an eternal circle, echoes Moore's ability to realize the full potential of the sculptural form. However Bloch, unlike her predecessor allows no separation between man, woman and child. For her these figures are one, locked in an unending circle of life. The influence of the Italian Master, Alberto Giacometti is also apparent in Ruth Bloch's art. The stylized elongated figures and the highly textural patinas that characterize her work in bronze are reminiscent of the slender forms of Giacometti's artistic universe. Listings wanted,

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Wanted: Ruth Bloch



Wanted: Ruth Bloch

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