"Nicka Unique Bronze and Stainless Steel Sculpture 2008 35 in" by Semion Rabinkov - 🔥Unique Bronze and Stainless Steel Sculpture - a SUPER Steal - Inquire - 3 Watchers
Nicka Unique Bronze and Stainless Steel Sculpture 2008 35 in Sculpture by Semion Rabinkov
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Nicka Unique Bronze and Stainless Steel Sculpture 2008 35 in Sculpture by Semion Rabinkov - 0
Nicka Unique Bronze and Stainless Steel Sculpture 2008 35 in Sculpture by Semion Rabinkov - 1
Nicka Unique Bronze and Stainless Steel Sculpture 2008 35 in Sculpture by Semion Rabinkov - 2

Nicka Unique Bronze and Stainless Steel Sculpture 2008 35 in

Semion Rabinkov

Sculpture : Bronze and Stainless Steel
Size : 23.5x12.75 x6.5 in  |  60x32 x17 cm
Edition : Original

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Hand SignedOn Base 

Condition Excellent 

Story / Additional InfoPrivate collection. 

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Semion Rabinkov - United States

Art Brokerage: Semion Rabinkov Russian Artist: b. 1954. Semion Rabinkov was born in Kishinev in 1954. In 1973 he graduated from Repine College of Art in Kishinev and received Sculptor's Diploma. Specializing in monumental sculpture. He started his career as a sculptor in Kishinev, where he worked from 1973-1990 and he installed some outdoor sculptures in the city of Kishinev. He continued working as a sculptor after moving to Israel in 1990. Rabinkov sculptures have been published in numerous Newspapers and Magazines; Israel, France, Russia, USA. In 2003-2005 assisted in creating and establishing memorial monument (Trinity Root) of the World Trade Center attacks in New York City on September 11, 2001. In 2004, he was selected as a winner at the Art Global Competition of the Amsterdam Whitney Gallery in New York City. Semion has many works in private, corporate collections and museums, among them C.A.S.E. Museum of Contemporary Russian Art in Jersey City and National Liberty Museum in Philadelphia. Honors and Achievements 1991 Admitted into the Sculptors Society of Israel. 2002 Winner of the competition for creation of a decorative sculpture the city of Natania in Israel. 2003 Installed outdoor decorative sculpture in central square cit of Natania, Israel. 2004 Winner of the Art Global Competition of the Amsterdam Whitney Gallery in New York City. Listings wanted.

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