"Striving Bronze Sculpture 2000 26 in" by Tolla Inbar - 🔥Large Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture - A SUPER Steal - Inquire
Striving Bronze Sculpture 2000 26 in Sculpture by Tolla Inbar
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Striving Bronze Sculpture 2000 26 in Sculpture by Tolla Inbar - 0
Striving Bronze Sculpture 2000 26 in Sculpture by Tolla Inbar - 1
Striving Bronze Sculpture 2000 26 in Sculpture by Tolla Inbar - 2

Striving Bronze Sculpture 2000 26 in

Tolla Inbar

Sculpture : Bronze on Wood Base
Size : 26x17 x10 in  |  66x43 x25 cm
Edition : From the Edition of 8

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Sculpture Foundry Mark 

Condition Excellent 

Purchased fromGallery 2000 

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Tolla Inbar - Germany

Art Brokerage: Tolla Inbar German Artist: b. 1958. Tolla was born in 1958 in Germany. Until 1971, she attended Merz School in Stuttgart, specializing in the arts of ceramics and sculpture. In 1971, she immigrated to Israel. In 1977, she took her first course on sculpture at the Bustan Institute and held her first group exhibition at Bet Hagdudim, Avihail. Tolla studied at Avni Institute of Arts (1977-1981) in sculpture, photography, drawing, graphics. During this time she worked in stone and wood with known Russian sculptors and held several group exhibitions in 1984. Tolla also completed a B.A. in Psychology and Sociology at Tel Aviv University. In 1988, she moved to Udim, near Netanya and opened a private gallery and studio where she had her first large one-person show. In 1989, she continued her studies in modern art at Tel Aviv University and with Dalia Hecker. Tolla has also completed advanced degrees in sculpture and jewellery-making. Tolla Inbar's extraordinary and beautiful sculptures have received many honors, awards and prizes since she first began exhibiting professionally more than a decade ago. Inbar's work is in many significant museum, private and corporate art collections worldwide, including: the Museum of Liberty in Philadelphia, where the Liberty Bell is housed; President and Mrs. Clinton's private art collection; and the renowned international sculpture collection of Leonard Wien which includes original pieces by Rodin and other masters. Listings wanted.

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