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    Art Brokerage: Yves Klein French Artist: b. 1928-1962. Yves Klein was born in Nice, France. Klein was the most influential, prominent, and controversial French artist to emerge in the 1950s. He is remembered above all for his use of a single color, the rich shade of ultramarine that he made his own. Klein likened monochrome painting to an "open window to freedom." He worked with a chemist to develop his own particular brand of blue. Made from pure color pigment and a binding medium, it is called International Klein Blue. Klein adopted this hue as a means of evoking the immateriality and boundlessness of his own particular utopian vision of the world. Listings wanted by Art Brokerage.

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Helena (ANT 61) 2004 Limited Edition Print - Yves Klein

Yves Klein

Helena (ANT 61) 2004

Limited Edition Print: Lithograph, Foundry Signature w/ Stamp, From the Edition of 150

Size: 30x22 in  | 76x56 cm
🔥Fabulous Limited Edition Lithograph - Inquire - Blue Chip Mint Condition
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