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    Art Brokerage: Remo Argentine Artist: b. 1974. Remo is an Argentine metaphysical artist known for his controversial exhibition, Project Experiment Zero. Remo, whose given name is Raul Esteban Molina, was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1974. His monumental artworks, acclaimed for their extravagance of sexually explicit details and dimensional complexity, for their artistic statements, and their metaphysical symbolism, has captured the attention of art connoisseurs and critics alike. To achieve these artistic heights, Remo creates imagined universes and startling realms beyond conventional reality. However, in order to reach this stature as a serious artist, it was imperative for Remo to have studied extensively for years with three of Argentina's leading art instructors Vicente Palacios, Ricardo Cohen- Rocanbole, and Pastor Berrios Herrera, to perfect his talents, skills and craftsmanship, thus enabling him to become recognized and respected. After years of instruction, finally Remo's first exhibit launching him into the art world was in Mar del Plata, Argentina in 1999 at Art Gallery La Diagonal. Since then, he has held one-man exhibitions throughout Argentina in various government-sponsored cultural centers and in prestigious art galleries. In 2006, his inspired and spirited art pieces were exhibited in two leading galleries in Eressos, Greece, which resulted in a major following in that country. Listings wanted by Art Brokerage.

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Lost in Buenos Aires, Salvador Dali 2008 Portrait Drawing - HS - 8x6 Drawing - Remo


Lost in Buenos Aires, Salvador Dali 2008 Portrait Drawing - HS - 8x6

Drawing: Pencil on Paper, Hand Signed

Size: 9x6 in  | 22x15 cm
🔥🔥🔥Original Pencil on Paper - Blue Chip SUPER Steal SUPER SUPER
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Girl Gazing Upon Her Nude Tango Partner 2010 Drawing - Remo


Girl Gazing Upon Her Nude Tango Partner 2010

Drawing: Pencil on Paper, Hand Signed

Size: 16x11 in  | 39x28 cm
🔥🔥🔥Signed Original Pencil Drawing on Paper - SUPER Steal SUPER SUPER
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3 Women in One Mirror or One Mirror with Two Women 2009 Drawing Drawing - Remo


3 Women in One Mirror or One Mirror with Two Women 2009 Drawing

Drawing: Ink on Paper, Hand Signed

Size: 11x7 in  | 27x18 cm
🔥🔥🔥Original Hand Signed Ink Drawing on Paper - SUPER Steal SUPER SUPER
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Mona Lisa Our Lady of the Flowers 2011 - Drawing - 15x11 Drawing - Remo


Mona Lisa Our Lady of the Flowers 2011 - Drawing - 15x11

Drawing: Colored Pencil on Paper, Hand Signed

Size: 15x11 in  | 38x28 cm
🔥🔥🔥Mixed Media - SUPER Steal SUPER SUPER
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Metamorphosis of the So Called Human Race 15x12 Drawing - Remo


Metamorphosis of the So Called Human Race 15x12

Drawing: Pencil on Paper, Hand Signed

Size: 16x12 in  | 39x30 cm
🔥🔥🔥Drawing - SUPER Steal SUPER SUPER
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