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    Art Brokerage: Angel Domingo Argentinian Artist: b. 1888-1983. Domingo has a pallet of soft sensual hues and a temperament like Gide's. His artistic talent is undeniable, and he seeks to fill the canvas with his own presence and that of his only dream - the eternal woman. Depicted from the front or from behind, on a bed of flowers or on the beach, the women in Domingo's works are a source of pleasure and serenity, tenderness and pleasure, joy and love. Lying down or standing up, dressed or nude, Domingo's women inspire feelings of grace, innocence, and freshness. Also rendered by Domingo are the appeals of women for mento find harmony with themselves. He is supremely aware of the essence of the feminine ideal and his quest brings him closer to a certain spiritual perfection. Listings wanted.

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Untitled Watercolor 46x37 - Huge Watercolor - Angel Domingo

Angel Domingo

Untitled Watercolor 46x37 - Huge

Watercolor: Watercolor on Paper, Hand Signed

Size: 39x33 in  | 99x84 cm
🔥Huge Antique Framed Watercolor on Paper - SUPER Steal SUPER SUPER
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