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    Art Brokerage: Christopher Reilly American Artist: b. 1967. Christopher Reilly, born 1967 in New York City, is an encaustic painter. Reilly seeks to make works that are objects of contemplation. The stillness of meditation is echoed in the quietude of the finished painting that has undergone a process of creation, destruction and finally preservation. Creatures that transform, such as dragonflies and butterflies, are arranged in a loose grid symbolizing the enduring pattern of regeneration. Branches, laden with blossoms and fruit, stretch across the canvas receiving light and mimicking a human limb. These works are built up with wax and scraped down until a feeling of serenity is achieved. Reilly completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts at the School of Visual Arts, New York, NY. He has participated in numerous one and two person shows in galleries nationwide. Listings wanted by Art Brokerage.

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Japanese Iris 2000 61x41 - Huge Original Painting - Christopher Reilly

Christopher Reilly

Japanese Iris 2000 61x41 - Huge

Original Painting: Encaustic Mixed Media, Hand Signed

Size: 61x41 in  | 156x105 cm
🔥Huge Framed Original Encaustic Mixed Media - 10 Watchers - Inquire
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Wanted: Christopher Reilly

All worksOriginal Painting: Oils on Canvas


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