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"Day of the Dead AP" by Fabio Napoleoni - Artist Proof $1,500
Day of the Dead AP Limited Edition Print by Fabio Napoleoni
Day of the Dead AP Limited Edition Print by Fabio Napoleoni - 0
Day of the Dead AP Limited Edition Print by Fabio Napoleoni - 1
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Fabio Napoleoni

"Day of the Dead AP"

Hand Signed : Lower Left
Condition : Mint
Not Framed
Purchased from : Artist 2020
Certificate of Authenticity : Fabio Napoleoni
LID : 145846
Fabio Napoleoni - United States

Art Brokerage: Fabio Napoleoni Artist: Drawing on a lifetime of experiences, Fabio translates each tug of his heart strings into an emotional expression caught on canvas for the world to view. His world and his passion are bared via his body of work. Art has always been a big part of Fabio's life. As a child, severe asthma kept Fabio from participating in sports or outdoor activities so he spent countless hours coloring and drawing. His escape to the world beyond the walls was art. Encouraged by his mother, an artist as well as a single mom, to do what he loved, Fabio developed his great talent and appreciation for all types of art. His personal inspirations were Picasso, Van Gogh and Jackson Pollock. Something that intrigued him about these icons of the artwork was that they were masters of releasing their own emotions onto canvas and evoking feelings from those who viewed their pieces.Symbolism is prominent within Fabio's body of work. Trees, hearts and emotionally based characters usually grace any given piece. The primary persona in Fabio's art is Marcinevo: a lovable, rag-tag, well–loved childhood figure with mitten hands and a one button eye who has drawn on the walls of his cardboard box to create a world of his own. On the walls of this box Marcinevo takes journeys, ages, experiences life and freedom as well as loves and losses/happiness and sorrow. Listings wanted.