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    Art Brokerage: Bob Kane American Artist: b. 1916-1998. Bob Kane was an American artist and illustrator of Batman. He was also an cartoonist and animator, the creator of Batman. He was born in New York City, USA. He studied art at Cooper Union, joined the Max Fleischer Studio as a trainee animator in 1934, and entered the comic book field with the serial Hiram Hick in Wow (1936). His early strips were humorous, but mystery and menace entered his serial Peter Pupp in Wags (1937), where a cartoon hero battled a one-eyed super-villain. Working to scripts by his partner, Bill Finger (1917 - 1974), he created Batman for Detective Comics (1939), which caught on rapidly. Kane returned to animation to create Courageous Cat (1958) and Cool McCool (1969) for television. Listings wanted.

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Batman and Robin 1989 - Huge Limited Edition Print - Bob Kane

Bob Kane

Batman and Robin 1989 - Huge

Limited Edition Print: Lithograph , Hand Signed, From the Edition of 300

Size: 24x36 in  | 61x91 cm
1989 Huge Framed Lithograph $3,300
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Wanted: Bob Kane

All worksWorks on Paper (not prints): Animation


Wanted: Bob Kane

Batman and Robin set 5 Litho's 1978Limited Edition Print: of 300


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